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Basic Game Structure

Investigate crimes,
solve mysteries,
and catch the culprit!

Investigate crime scenes to gather evidence and build your case.
Battle the lead prosecutor in court and save your client.

Find and resolve contradictions to reveal more and more of the truth.
Take a desperate situation and turn it around! Snatch a Not Guilty verdict from the jaws of defeat!

There’s been a murder!

Play through
Investigation and Trial parts
to advance the story.

Find the real culprit
and uncover the truth!

Investigation Parts
Talk with witnesses and investigate the crime scene
to gather info and evidence to use in court.

  • Examine anything and everything
    that catches your eye.

  • Listen to what people have to say
    and glean what facts you can about the crime.

Evidence in hand,
it's time to head to court!

Trial Parts
Point out contradictions between
a witness's testimony and the evidence
with a loud “Objection!”

  • Look for contradictions or lies
    in a witness's testimony.

  • If you can't find anything right off the bat,
    try Pressing them!

  • When you do find something,
    Present your evidence!

Turning things on their head
to turn the situation around –

that's how a true
Ace Attorney wins their case!