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Ace Attorney (Official)

DLC Information

All Screenshots are from the 3DS version
Costume Pack

Release Date: October 24th, 2013

This package contains a new costume for Phoenix, Apollo and Athena. You can change costumes by selected Extras and DLC from the main menu.

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Apollo Justice
  • Athena Cykes

Downloadable Episode: “Turnabout Reclaimed”

Release Date: November 21st, 2013

Play an extra episode that features unique new characters and tells the story of the first case Phoenix Wright took on after reclaiming his attorney's badge. Unlock a new costume for Phoenix when you complete this case.

How to Purchase DLC Content
  • 1. Select Extras and DLC from the title screen, then View DLC.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the internet.
    3. Select the content you wish to purchase and touch Purchase.
    4. After reading the on-screen information, touch Next and then Purchase. The download will start.
    5. Once the content has been downloaded, it will be accessible in the Extras and DLC menu.


    • Wireless internet connection required to access the in-game store.
    • Downloaded content is saved to the SD card.
    • Content can only be used on the system which was used to download it.
    • Once purchased, downloadable content cannot be returned or exchanged, and no refunds are offered.
    • You can view your purchase history under the Titles You've Downloaded option in Nintendo eShop.
    • If you delete the content, you can still re-download it for free from Nintendo eShop, as long as you have not erased your Nintendo eShop account in the meantime and it is still available on Nintendo eShop. For more details, please refer to the Nintendo eShop electronic manual.

Adding Funds to your Nintendo eShop Account
  • In order to purchase downloadable content, you need to have the necessary amount of funds in your Nintendo eShop account. If you try to purchase content without enough funds, the screen shown on the left will be displayed. Touch Add Funds to add funds to your account.

    You can use either a Nintendo eShop card or a credit card to add funds. Credit card details can be stored on your Nintendo 3DS system and protected with a password, allowing you to subsequently add funds just by entering your password. Stored card details can also be deleted at any time from the Settings menu of Nintendo eShop.